Skyrocket Documentation

A Static Website Template for Pelican 4

Vimalkumar Velayudhan


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System Requirements

Python 3 and the venv module

On Ubuntu 20.04, Python 3 is installed by default but you will need to install the venv module. You can install it using apt:

sudo apt install python3-venv


If you plan to publish this website on GitHub or GitLab, you will need an account on these services. In addition, you will need to install Git and add your name and email address to Git configuration.

On Ubuntu based systems, you can install git using apt:

sudo apt install git

Getting Started

1. Extract template

You would have extracted the file. Within the extracted folder, you will find a template folder. Copy this folder to a location of your choice and rename it if you wish.

2. Initialise website

Change into this folder and run the script:

cd template

This will create a Python virtual environment and install required packages for the website using pip.

3. Basic settings

NOTE The following configuration settings are done in

Change AUTHOR, SITENAME and SITESUBTITLE settings as appropriate for your website:

AUTHOR = 'Astro'
SITENAME = 'Skyrocket'
SITESUBTITLE = 'Static Website Template for Pelican'

Copy your website’s logo into content/images folder and then update this setting:

SITE_LOGO = 'images/your_logo.png'

5. Update website author

Update author information for your website.

NOTE The dictionary key in AUTHORS must match the value of AUTHOR setting above:

'Astro': {
    'avatar': 'images/author_profile.svg',
    'website': '',

Finally, update links to social media accounts for this website in the SOCIAL setting:

SOCIAL = (('Twitter', ''), 
          ('Facebook', ''),
          ('Mastodon', ''))


Preview Website

Once you have saved your changes to, activate the virtual environment and use the following command to preview the website:

source venv/bin/activate
invoke livereload

Open http://localhost:8000 in a browser. If you add some content — a blog post, for example, the website should update automatically.